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Honeymoons in Thailand

Honeymoon on Koh Samui

A wedding takes a lot of planning and coordination and many couples use the services of a dedicated wedding planner to help relieve stress and tension in the build up to the big day. This is an accepted approach to modern day weddings.

However, how much planning goes into your honeymoon?

Well, it’s quite common to spend a lot of time deciding on a suitable destination. But once that major decision has been made what planning, if any, goes into making the honeymoon as perfect as the wedding?

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In most cases we select a destination that appeals to both the bride and groom and away we go. It’s very difficult to plan much more than this without some local knowledge or unless you’ve been there before. And, when you’re beginning a new marriage it’s always nice to try somewhere new and untried.

Relying on brochure details and even websites details can all be misleading or vague, especially if the person writing has never been there. Even if an agent has visited the destination, how could they possibly know which beaches, restaurants or resorts are the most romantic or where the best spas are for special honeymoon packages or what the service is like.

Even by doing extensive research on the internet and delving into reviews and blogs it can be difficult to get accurate advice.

Koh Samui is an extremely popular destination for both weddings and honeymoons. And, although it’s a small island there are excellent choices in terms of entertainment, activities and especially in dining.

Faraway Weddings has been planning stress-free dream weddings for the last six years and now Faraway Honeymoons aims to take away any stresses or concerns relating to the honeymoon too.

By using the extensive knowledge within the Faraway team, in terms of island experiences, recommended services, timescales, availability and quality, Faraway Honeymoons can build you a unique honeymoon itinerary which is tailor-made to incorporate exactly what you require for a perfect honeymoon experience.

This means that you can simply book your flights and tell us exactly what you like and don’t like and we can find you the perfect resort. Then you can select from a number of activities, trips, tours and experiences specially designed to make your honeymoon a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Having been successfully organizing weddings on Koh Samui since 2004, Faraway Weddings has experienced many changes both on the island and in the expectations within the tropical beach wedding industry.

To meet market demands the company introduced the Faraway Bespoke Wedding Service to provide custom wedding planning services in addition to the popular wedding experiences offered as part of a package structure.

This led to a new level of planning and incorporated the organization of many other activities surrounding the wedding and the wedding party.

Pre and post wedding activities and arrangements are now an everyday part of the Faraway Wedding planning service.

However, the company’s market research, feedback and the experience gained from exhibiting at the National Wedding Show in the UK, has highlighted an area which is currently not catered for, and that’s honeymoons.

People use a wedding planner to ensure their wedding day is exactly what they want, but there’s little if any planning input into the honeymoon.

So, Faraway Honeymoons has been created to meet this demand. After all, people from all over the world use the Faraway Wedding’s to plan their big day, so why not use us to plan your honeymoon too.

This is a standalone service that can be incorporated into the wedding planning of a Faraway Wedding client or for someone who is getting married elsewhere and is travelling to Samui purely for an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Faraway Honeymoons can create a unique and personal honeymoon itinerary which will include all of the aspects required by you for a perfect honeymoon.

By having the benefit of local knowledge gained from years of living and planning weddings on the island, and using our extensive network of contacts, Faraway Honeymoons can arrange your honeymoon to ensure you get to see and do all the things you want to within a sensible time-frame.

Any honeymoon itinerary will endeavour to take the hassle out of any arrangements and leave you to get the maximum benefit of your time on the island, without being rushed, stressed or tired from doing too much in a short period of time. This allows you to simply turn up and be taken care of from the moment you arrive.

This bespoke service will not only arrange your accommodation but will also custom build an itinerary to include as few or as many activities as you require. For example we can simply arrange a romantic fine-dining experience, a honeymoon spa package and sightseeing tour during your stay, or we could arrange a snorkelling trip, lunch on a private island, a luxury spa, dining at several restaurants, elephant trekking, Thai cooking lessons, jet-ski rentals, yacht hire and so on.

All of this can be pre-booked and even paid for before you even arrive so that you have no hassles whilst you’re here.

Alternatively, if you desire, you can use us as more like a personal concierge service. This way you can pre-book some activities, but use us to reserve meals, trips and activities for you whilst you are here. As with the accommodation, with most of the services and activities offered, we will negotiate beneficial rates for you so that it is cheaper to use our service than booking direct. So, not only is the stress of planning and arranging the elements of your honeymoon taken away from you, but this service will also save you money.

Simply book your flights, use the interactive website, to select what you would like in your itinerary, and leave everything else to us.

Examples of activities available:

Fine Dining Experience- Samui is home to an incredible number of exceptional restaurants serving a range of international cuisines.

Traditional Thai Food- Fine dining is an experience but, in general, the lower budget Thai restaurants offer fantastic traditional Thai fare. We can recommend a selection of restaurants in all areas to cater to your tastes.

Learn to do it yourself- It’s inevitable that you’ll enjoy the food on Samui. So, why not get involved in a cooking class and learn to make each others’ favourite dishes for when you return home.

Water sports-Being a tropical island with warm clear blue seas there’s an array of opportunities for fun on, in, or under the water. Diving lessons, snorkelling trips, private yacht hire, sea kayaking, luxury speed boats, sunset cruises on a catamaran and so on.

Elephant trekking- elephants are truly majestic animals and synonymous with Thailand. Take a ride in the jungle and then feed your elephant after enjoying the ride.

Pampering spas- Samui is well known as a spa island, you can experience the Faraway Honeymoon Special package which is 3 hours and 45 minutes of heaven at one of the island’s premier day spas. Or you can simply choose whatever treatments you want.

Island tours give you the opportunity to see Samui as a whole, not just the beach. Visit temples and villages, see the natural beauty from stunning viewpoints, swim in waterfalls and, of course you will also find different beaches to explore.
Samui is an island full of choices. We can usually find whatever you want, and more importantly, we can usually find it to match your budget. For example you may want to take in some of the surrounding islands on a snorkelling trip. This is possible as part of a group on an organised tour for a very small price. You could select a smaller boat with less people and pay a little more. Or, if budget is no issue, you could hire a yacht or speedboat and enjoy the experience away from anyone else, other than your personal crew, chef and spa therapist.

This principle applies to most activities on the island from finding places to eat to selecting a good massage. With our experience, knowledge and guidance we can ensure that wherever you go the service and the experience should be one to remember, for all the right reasons.

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